VUSD Graduation Requirements

40 Credits
Social Science/History
30 Credits
30 Credits
Life Science
10 Credits
Physical Science
10 Credits
Fine Art OR World Language
10 Credits
Physical Education
20 Credits
70 Credits

220 Credits

Additional Graduation Requirements

In addition to completing the graduation requirements, students must also pass the California state mandated Health requirement in order to graduate. RBV students complete this during their freshmen year.


To be on track for graduation here are the number of credits you should have at the end of each year:

Freshmen 60 credits

Sophomore 120 credits

Junior 180 credits

Senior 220 credits or more

If you are behind in credits, please see your counselor as soon as possible to discuss credit recovery options.

Students receive 5 credits for earning a grade of A, B, C, or D.

Students receive 0 credits for a grade of F.


RBV Academic Plan (4-Year Plan)

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